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Buying your trust more than your products and services!

Customers have embraced ecommerce with enthusiasm. Businesses have reaped the rewards has online buying has come of age with the opening of multiple avenues – marketplaces and mobile apps. Growing competition has also given rise to cost-per-click campaigns boosting ecommerce with digital advertising. At Elebnis, we look at ecommerce has more than just a website-enabled-with-online-payments. We treat it as a lifeline for your business.

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E-Commerce Web Design India

Our E-Commerce Solutions include ...

E-Com Business Strategy
Marketplace, multi-store design and development
SEO, SEM and E-Commerce Analytics
Integrating E-Commerce and M-Commerce
Omnichannel systems and solutions
E-Commerce Revenue model for marketplaces

An e-com strategy to outsmart competition!

Do not lose out on your customers at points-of-sale

Equipped with plastic cash, mobile money, online banking, gift cards and reward points, your customers are more than ready. Deliver at decisive moments with personalized communication and support process integrating smart CRM features that do not cost you through the roof.

Build emotional intelligence for optimal sales and conversions

At Elebnis, our e-commerce strategy for businesses is centered on the end-user personas. Defining them and understanding their buying behavior help channelize communications and build relevant call-to-actions.

Built to scale and succeed with innovative customer touch points

Custom-built or integrated on popular open-source platforms like Magento, Elebnis has the expertise to build single/multi-store e-commerce websites as well as e-com marketplaces and portals. We work with businesses to identify alternative revenue models and sales channels through digital, social and mobile properties tied to e-commerce.
Shopping Cart Website Design

Experience with popular Payment Gateways

Your appreciations are Our power sources

It gives us great feeling when our clients gives reviews and appreciate for our efforts and hardwork. We always got new energy source when our clients applaud us.

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